New knitter trying to help my 10yr old son

Hi all,
I don’t knit but my son (10 yrs old) and I would like to try. He rec’d a book “Kids can Knit” by Clewer, yarn- #5 bulky, and 9mm needles. Is this ok to get us started or would you suggest different needles?
The book shows a simple cast on with the thumb. We seem to increase the space between our needles as we knit- any ideas?
Thanks in advance- this is my first post and I have no clue so far!

Sounds like you’re on the right track. The space between the needles getting longer and longer is caused by the cast-on that you’re using. It’s really easy to learn, but not a very firm one. Try knitting a little less tightly (if I remember correctly), and not pulling so much, and it should help some.

I was mostly self-taught, My then 9yod & I finally joined a mother-daughter knitting club, where I got some help. Sometimes finding someone in person really makes a difference. However, that’s also where I learned about this website. I spent tons of time watching the instructional videos, and learned most of what I know from here!

The yarn and needles are just fine to learn on. Lisa’s right about the loop cast on though. It may be easy to do, but it’s hard to knit into. Go to the Cast On video section and try out a knitted cast on. It’s similar to how you knit stitches and it’s much more stable.

I too have a 10 yr old… a daughter… and she reaallly wants to learn… i may let her watch the videos with me.

Thanks Lisa- I’ve tried the long-tail cast on and will try another.

If you are using bulky weight yarn you may be happier with larger needles. Maybe size 13 or 15. What does the yarn recommend (should be a small box with a pair of crossed knitting needles in it with something along the outside of the box or under the needles that says “US 15/10mm” Larger needles are going to be a bit easier to work with, especially for new knitters.

Also check out the video that Amy has on “Long Tail Cast on” A little complicated-looking at first but it’s your basic cast on that holds hit’s shape better than the thumb loop method (which does have it’s uses) You can watch the video’s over and over again which is really nice. Sit there with your yarn and needles and do it with her. Once you learn the long tail co it will be with you forever. You can even do it in your sleep! :slight_smile:

She said the needles are 9 mm, which are size 13.

Mastering the long tail cast on will help a lot.

Patience helps a lot. Nobody gets it perfect right off the bat. Just have fun and stay with it and you’ll both improve as you go.

We need a smiley of a guy slapping his head with his palm! I read it as size 9 and totally skipped over the mm part. All I could imagine was them struggling with US9’s and bulky yarn. :figureditout:

Well, there’s this this guy :doh:

Don’t feel bad, I did the same thing the first time I read it.

I wanted my son to learn to help with his dexterity and hand eye coordination. I read about how knitting helps children with LDs, expecially Autism and ADHD. I went to my LYS where a wonderful lady spent an hour + with us showing us the basics. From there, we practiced and practiced. I used this site and my son (now 12) and I joined the knitting group where we learned more. Take a class together if possible. It’s wonderful and my son has benefitted alot from it. It’s something we do together and it really does help him. I tell parents of other Asperger’s Syndrome kids to try it and they think I’m nuts until they do try it. Good luck!

BTW - my son was 11 when he learned. He is Autistic, dyslexic, and ADHD. He still learned long tail cast on, knit and purl stitches. He and I knit squares for Warm Up America together. It’s a wonderful thing to do together.

I have a 12 yr old ds with Aspergers, Motor skills delays and, some learning delays as well. I am just learning my 8 yr old and 5 year old are interested I will have to see if I can pull my Aspie in as well. I can see that it could really help.