New Knitter. Stuck at the beginning

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. My stitches look find when I cast on. After I start the first row I notice slack in between my needles . Well. When I get to the end of the row the part that is suppose to be the “bump” part of the pattern is really loose and loopy… I start the next row and the same thing happens. I really have hit a brick wall with this. :wall: It is preventing me from going futher… Any Suggestions.

I’m still pretty new myself, but I think that loose last stitch can be tightened with a real good tug. I think theres a large group of people here, including me, who slip that first stitch when knitting each row for a nice, neat edge.

I’m not sure how much slack you have in between the needles while knitting, but a bit of slack is normal…I think.

I tried slipping the first stitch like the video shown… but watchiing my stiches i relized that the slack in the middle tightens up all the way to the end… and that loose part is the slack on the end… What do you mean giving it a good tug?

When you begin a row, give an extra tug on the first stitch, which will also pull on the stitch under it - the last one on the previous row. And you can also knit the next 2 or 3 stitches a little tighter too. See if that helps.