New knitter: starting at the very beginning

Here is an example of a really new knitter’s issues: I am using a skein of yarn: do I pull the yarn from the inside? or do i let it bounce around and pull from the outside? It is Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted weight 3 oz and the label says nothing about how to unwind! :thinking:
Thanks–this is just the beginning of my dumb questions!

I’ve always pulled from the inside, to avoid the bouncing around. :wink: That said, sometimes it’s really hard to find the inside end to pull from! I either pull out a huge hunk from the inside and untangle it if necessary, or if it’s a yarn I’ve had tangling issues with in the past, I start from the outside and wind my own center-pull ball. (video here) :smiley:

I second the Pull ball. :thumbsup:

I just roll mine into a regular ball. Ive personally had too many tangles to want to deal with pulling yarn from inside ANYTHING.

I think you may just have to experiment and see what YOU like! LOTS of knitting issues are that way…its all about YOU! :thumbsup:

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I try to roll my yarn loosely into a pull square-ish ball, that way I can loop the ball around my wrist as a holder so I don’t have lots of strings hanging. One reason a center pull ball is preferred over the outside pull ones is that the yarn can get tangled together; if you can’t get your yarn into a center pull ball, or you can’t FIND the center,you can slip the yarn into one of those mesh plastic vegetable bags; that will at least keep it from unwinding all over the place and getting tangled. Or stick the yarn into an empty oatmeal container and pull it through a hole in the lid. OR you can let KK’s dog howie hold your yarn, he LIKES to play with yarn… and he’s very helpful. :slight_smile:

[color=red]PHTPPTHTPTHTPHTPTHPTTTHTHTTPTPTHTHHH! :stuck_out_tongue: [/color]

You knitters are not only helpful but funny! Thanks for the advice! I loved the video. Who knew there was such info out there in knit cyberspace!

Well, Hilde THINKS she’s funny, anyway… :rollseyes:

WELCOME, Nutter! Im glad you found us! This place is just a WEALTH of information, wisdom, friendship and obnoxious humor! :cheering:

When I buy yarn in a ball, I always look for the end that’s tucked into the yarn. That is always the outside end. I flip the ball over and reach in the other end as far as I can and pinch. A lot of the time I’m lucky and end up near the beginning, sometimes I end up with a lump, but once it gets knitted up, the yarn comes from the middle.

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Welcome to KH! And no question is stupid…it’s just one that someone else was afraid to ask!

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Okay, yarn skein horror story. I bought 4 skeins of cheapo wal-mart brand yarn. I spent hours trying to get them to unravel the knots that came out of them. I couldn’t even get to the point of making a yarn ball! So rather than have a stroke after being denied by the first two, they all went in the trash.

So this is my thing–I never again will start to knit something without turning the purchased skein into a ball first, so that I don’t run into bad knots.

[color=green]ugh…i had the same problem with some Caron yarn i purchased for an inexpensive project i was doing. Not only was it crapolla to work with, and split on every opportunity, and not only did it feel unpleasant to work with, but it was in big ol’ knots in the middle…blah! i have become a horrible yarn snob it seems.[/color] [color=cyan] sigh[/color]