New Knitter, Sorta

I guess you could say I’m not really a new knitter, I’ve knitted shawls, scarves and baby blankets for a couple of years. But, I’m tired of that and branching out. I found a baby bootie pattern I would like to try to knit, but I’m puzzled about one row. It says " work slip slip knit decrease, knit 1, knit 2 together 4 times" My question is what’s the difference between the ssk and the k2tog? Can I just do the k2tog for both or does it make a difference? I have a book that shows the ssk so I’m sure I can follow the directions, but I really would prefer to do the k2tog. Thanks, in advance for your help!

Welcome to KH!!

SSK is a left slanting decrease and then the K2 tog is a right slanting decrease so it will look different. Amy has a video here of how to do the SSK decrease :thumbsup:

The ssk is also the same as slip 1, knit 1, psso decrease, it’s just done a little differently and some people find one easier to do than the other.

Actually, the SSK and SK PSSO decreases look a little different from each other, but both slant differently from the K2tog. Try both and see which you like better.

In my knitting ssk and skp look the same, but for some people, one may be tighter than the other.