New Knitter Sleeves Question

I have just started knitting real (more complicated that blankets and scarves) patterns!

I’m making the 7 hour toddler sweater on Ravelry for my little one (sorry, they aren’t letting me put up the link because this is my first post - so strict!).

I’m having an issue figuring out the sleeves. I’m starting with 157 st. Then it says: Knit 25 sts and place on a holder or waste yarn. CO 2 sts and knit across the next 30 sts (first sleeve), CO 2 sts, Working with another set of needles and on these 34 sts, work in stockinette stitch for 30 rows.

What do I do with the 98 st that are not the 25 st on the waste yarn and not the 34 st I’m working? Do I put the 34 st on a new set of needles and leave the remaining 98 on the needles I had been using before?

Sorry if this is a total newbie question, I’m just not sure what to do now that I’m at the sleeves!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to knitting help, and the restrictions on links are to prevent spammers from putting in nonrelated links.

Just leave the rest of the sts on the back end of your needle or the cord if you’re usign circulars. You can put them on another needle or stitch holder if you want. Or do the sleeve on another set of needles the same size, whichever you prefer. You’ll just be working on the one sleeve first - over the 30 sts plus the 4 that were cast on.

I don’t know the pattern personally :slight_smile: but it sounds like they are having you leave everything else for now and knit the sleeve. Look further down the directions and see if it doesn’t tell you something about the rest of the stitches in a bit.

I was thinking that is what the pattern wanted me to do, but it just seemed a little awkward while I was doing it!

Yes, just hold onto the other sts on the needle or on a holder. BTW, you should have 102sts resting on the needle or the holders: 25 for the front, 30 for sleeve one, 47 for the back, 30 for sleeve 2 and 25 for the other front. Remember that only 30 of the sleeve sts come out of the original 157. There are 2 sts cast on times 2 to make the sleeve 34sts.