New knitter, rows increasing on their own

i’m knitting a scarf for my kid (we’re both learning to knit so we’re trading scarves) and my rows keep increasing. any idea why this would happen? or how to make it stop?

just found the faq about this exact problem. “read first, ask after.” the sages say.

Questions are always fine. Welcome to the forum!

You’re making two stitches out of one when you knit. When pulling the yarn through the stitch, watch it carefully front AND back, make sure you are not pulling out TWO strands of yarn from that stitch instead of just your new stitch. What is happening is you are catching part of the old stitch with the new one, making two very sloppy stitches out of the one. Do you notice how these extra stitches are really sloppy looking and kind of askew on the needle? yeah- those are remnants of your old stitches! When you pull the new stitch through try to avoid scraping the needles against each other. When you figure out your tension and where to have the pressure on your fingers and the needles, you’ll be able to knit just by touching the yarn only and not by forcing the working needle against the one in your left hand. After a while the needles won’t even touch when you get the hang of it. But, yes you are making two stitches out of one by pulling a part of the old stitch in with the new one. Make sure when making that new stitch you are ONLY pulling ONE strand of yarn out on to the right needle.