New Knitter - Questions on Stripes

Hello everyone! I am a newbie with a very dumb question… :??

I am trying to knit a very simple garter stitch scarf for my DH. How do I switch colors to begin the new color stripe? Do I cut the old color, knot on the new and keep knitting? Or is there more correct way to do this?

Any help would be great!


Just start knitting with the new color. You can cut the old color and leave about 8 inches or so to weave in, or you can knit it in with the new color for several stitches, or you can carry it up the side if you are only going to do a couple rows of the new color. If you carry it up the side it will of course show on the edge. If you are going to put a border then it won’t matter much, but if not you may want to just weave it in or do a few stitches as I suggested.

Just wanted to say that NO questions are dumb. :thumbsup: