New Knitter Question

I am a new knitter and am stuck. When it says
PSSO do I pass the slipped stich over to the other needle
or over the stitch and off? Thank you.

This is a tough one for new knitters. I just learned myself.

You pass the slipped stitch over the stitch and off the needle which closes the stitch. Slipping it over to the other needle would keep it open so you’d have to work it.

I’ve found its too easy to slip both stitches off the needle so grabbing the second stitch on the needle with my fingernail keeps it on the needle while slipping the other off. Good luck!

Thank you but doesn’t slipping the stitch off make
less stitches for continuting rows? Seems like it would
not work for a rectangular afghan if you kept slipping these

PSSO is usually part of a decrease which does produce less stitches.

However, if you’re making a rectangular afghan, the PSSO may be part of a lace pattern where the decrease immediately follows an increase.

For example, a pattern may call for a yarnover (YO-increase) and then a slip 1, knit 1, PSSO (decrease). The total number of stitches on the row remains the same because your increases and decreases are equal.

Yes, it decreases the stitches, but you should have an increase in the row that balances it.