New knitter question

What does it mean to inc 1 evenly across row?

It means to spread your increases across the row, rather than all at one end or the other.

So if you have 50 stitches on the needles and you have to spread 10 stitches evenly, you’d increse every 5 stitches.

Thanks! I am getting addicted to knitting!!!

Join the club! I swear it’s worse than crack!

Welcome to the site:) and happy knitting :XX:

Join the club! I swear it’s worse than crack!

When I close my eyes I knit in my head lol… now it’s even all I think about during my daydreams…
“excuse me Mister buff, shirtless person, you’re dripping sun tan oil all over my knitting! PLease go stand somewhere else”

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Better Crafts Than Crack, though. :XX:

Yeah…let me warn you…we are a bunch of ENABLERS here! :lol:

:roflhard: Classic!! Totally classic!

shirtless… oil… dripping… HILARITY

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I get the shakes and start sweating if I can’t work with my yarns. Dh tells me that I need to go work on my projects if I get cranky. (He never knows what I am working on so he just plays it safe and says craft hehehe)

Ingrid I have found my new sig quote!

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