New knitter question...frustrated 🤔

I am working on my first project, a pair of very easy slippers. When I try to decrease, knit two stitches together, my stitches are too tight on the needle and I can’t do the decrease. What am I doing wrong? The stitch is garter stitch. Thanks!

Could your stitches backward? The front leg is to the right the back let to the left. If you are trying to k2tog on backward stitches that might do it. Or many new knitters knit really tight. Practice should loosen you up, but some people just knit with large needles although that would affect the size.

Hi. I do not know how new you are. However, Jan gave you two very possible
reasons for your frustration. I am finding that this form of communication,
(typing words) to help someone whom you have never seen knit, is also
frustrating. Rule) If a stitch is fighting you, stop & find out why.
Jan mentioned that your stitches could be sitting on your needle backward.
And that you could be a tight knitter.
I am going to make a suggestion. I am going to pretend that you are one of
my students and ask you to make a 6" X 6" stockinette swatch.
As you are knitting that swatch you will learn many thing about yourself
as a knitter. If at this time you can’t tell when a stitch is reversed
or you have trouble with your tension, you may need to devote time
to experiencing the knitting process. As boring as it seams, you will
be happy that you took time out to become a knitter first… As I said, I don’t know you, or what you know. However, after reading your
post I think that you may need to take a step back, a deep breath and
start to make a swatch. After you have made your swatch, check it
with your knit checking tool. And compare your rows & stitches with
those numbers on your yarn information. This will tell you how tightly
your knitting is. Please know that this is meant to teach you, and in
no way meant to criticize your ability as a knitter.
Also look at your stitches as you knit. You will see how a normal stitch
sits on a needle. Some say,“like a cowboy with his right leg a little
forward of his left.” I don’t know…,what ever works.
One more thing, if it is easier for you to pick up each stitch between
your thumb and pointer finger and bring the working yarn over the left
needle tip, do it. Yarn handling and speed come later.
And relax your shoulders and your arms.
I hope that it’s OK that I’m pretending that you are a beginner.
It’s all meant to help… Good luck :grin:

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Knitting to tight is something I still fight! As a guy trying to knit, its a curse! I’ve made about 10 baby blankets so far and getting much better at this. Not great… But better! I doubt an experienced knitter needs to do this, but I found that when knitting a k2tog decrease I sometimes insert the right needle between the two knit stitches and pull down gently to loosen them a little. Makes it possible to then pick up the two together to complete the knit together.