New Knitter: Question about how to decrease

I am a new knitter, and I have a question about what a pattern’s
instructions mean. I have been knitting a hat on circular needles, and the time has come for me to start decreasing. The instructions say this:

Rnd 1: Knit 1 rnd, dec 2 sts evenly around.
Rd 2: K4, K2tog, rep from * to * around.
I understand the instructions for round 2, but what does it mean
for Round 1: “knit 1 round, decrease 2 stitches evenly around”? Any help would be great! Thanks!

basically, by the time that you finish rnd 1, you want to have two fewer stitches than you had to start with. you just want to space your two decreases out, don’t do them right next to each other

You’re decreasing on that first round just so you have the right number of stitches left to do even decreases on the rest of the hat.

As Starburst said, just decrease two–you can knit the first two together, and then work two together halfway across.