New Knitter// Plus size sweater

Hi Everyone
I am brand new to knitting. I would like to make a sweater, very simple V neck pull over sweater. Can someone tell me where to find this kind of pattern in a size 4X. Thank you all so much in advance.

Hi dereksgram, Im always on the look out for plus size patterns too. Theres a couple of groups in for plus size women who may be able to help but definately wait for suggestions here.

If you do go to Ravelry, just go to the groups tab and type in plus size, you will see a few active groups come up. There discussion threads in the groups where you could ask in there aswell.

This is a sweater generator that will allow you to put in your yarn and measurements and it will give you a basic sweater pattern.

This one is good, too. If you scroll down a bit with this one, it will give directions for a V-neck.