New Knitter, Please Help!

Ok, so I started knitting today and I know how to cast on and do a knit stitch. Only thing is, when I have casted on and I try to start the first row it seems too tight and i either can’t the needle through or they won’t move? Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Obviously, you’re casting on too tight. If you don’t have a larger size needle, just learn to cast on loosely. Don’t pull the yarn tight over the needle, just loop it on.

Ok, thanks. Although it’s not obvious if you’re a new knitter… I’m using a 4mm needle is that too small?

Though most people start out learning with a 5mm, 5.5mm or a 6mm size needle, what you are using shouldn’t be a problem. As long as your yarn isn’t too thick.

Happy knitting!!!

If you have a ‘medium’ weight yarn (will say ‘4’ or worsted on the label) that could be too small, and if it’s a heavy or bulky weight it’s definitely too small. To learn to knit, a size 9 or 10 (5.5 or 6mm) is good on medium weight yarn.