New knitter/new grandma needs help

Finished back and front of raised stripe pullover- and cannot figure out how to knit the neck. Can someone please take a look at the pattern and give me a clue as to how to proceed.

Work over 14, 15, or 18 sts, then drop your yarn and using another end, BO the middle sts and finish the row. Then turn and work the WS, drop the yarn when you get to the bound off sts and pick up the other yarn and finish the row on that shoulder. Just keep doing that, working in the rib on each shoulder with its own stand of yarn until it’s the right length, then BO the sts on each shoulder.

Here’s a link if someone needs it. Looks like Sue has your answer.

Oh thanks for the link. I copied and pasted it to get to the site, didn’t think to actually link it.

I am a novice, by work do you mean pick up stitches??? If so, then I will do both sides of neck separately in the pattern? Thank you for your help!

In knitting, ‘work’ means to knit or purl your stitches in the stitch pattern. Since I don’t know what you do with those stitches, do them according to the pattern. When a pattern says to pick up stitches, then you do that. You can do each shoulder separately, or together by working across both shoulders with their own strand of yarn.

Thank you for your help. Going to start in tonite!!

When I pick up stitches for neck, do I pick up on both the front and back piece?

Yes, all around the neckline, but sew the shoulder seams together first, then pick up.

I thought those instructions were weird when they didn’t say seam the shoulders first so I left the answer up to you. Glad you agreed. :thumbsup:

It’s funny but it looks to me as though you don’t pick up sts for a neckband on this sweater. The back and the front end in 1-2" of a rib pattern, even the center bound off sts.

Oh you’re right. I forgot the pattern details, and didn’t click on the link again; but looking at the pattern the ribbing is already around the neck, so you just sew up the seams.