New knitter needs pattern help

I’m brand new to knitting. I’ve made two hats using basic ribbing and STst patterns. I want to try a sweater pattern that seems fairly easy, but I’m having trouble with part of the pattern. For the neck shaping it tells me to bind off [4 stitches] 2 times, bind off [2 stitches] 2 times and bind off six. In my simple mind this is telling me to simply bind off 16 stitches and go on with my life. Buy why do they break it down like that and what do I need to do with this thing? :XX:


They tell you to bind off in steps so you have a gradual change in your knitting rather than an abrupt one.

If all the binding off is at the neck edge, always do it at the beginning of the row, otherwise your yarn will be in the wrong place. So bind of the first 4, work to the end of the row, purl back (assuming the wrong side is purl). then bind off the second 4, work to the end, purl back, then bind of 2, then 2, the same way, then I assume 16 are the rest.

I’ve found, hence my little motto at the bottom, is that it’s usually best just to do what the pattern says. Occasionally there is a mistake, but usually if you just do what they say, you understand why afterwards.

And, Tammy, listen to Ingrid…she is one of our resident knitting geniuses :thumbsup:

thank you that really clears things up. I’m so happy I found this site.

Now Rebecca, you could have easily taken that question! Where is everyone tonight anyway?

)Why, thank you very much, Ingrid! But, I have not yet begun sweaters…that will be coming about as I read my book that my very own knitting :notworthy: Yoda, Kelley, suggested ‘The Sweater Workshop’…it is just that, a workshop on knitting sweaters in the round…I’m quite excited about it :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
OH…please allow me to clarify; I have said that other knitters were my :notworthy: Yoda, and there are others that have been at certain times, Kelley has claimed the title at the present bc she is tutoring me on sweaters and other things ;). She also informed me that her Knittng Yoda picture (it has not been reduced so much that it became blurry ;)) has now become the wallpaper on her computer at work… :roflhard: , it is funny, but…it is appropriate bc she is my :notworthy: Knitting Yoda at present.

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