New Knitter Needs Help

I am a new knitter. I’m working on my second project - a scarf. I’m having a problem with the last stitch on the row being really loose. I have ripped it out three or four times and try to keep that last stitch extra tight, but for some reason, it stays loose and is definitely obvious. I’m getting frustrated. Can anyone help me please?

Join the club darling… It’s a property of the last stitch. If it’s GLARINGLY obvious even after you’ve knit several inches, then it is something that will eventually become more subtle with time and thousands of stitches knit (which isn’t really that many, if you think about it). Otherwise, just keep knitting; I find in my own work that while the last stitch may look terrible on the last row or two I just finished, as the knitting gets longer, they get tugged and pulled into place somehow. Something I find helpful is to also snug down the first stitch of every row, which can also be a little funky and is so closely related to the funky last stitch. I don’t know how to explain it, but I sort of gently tug at the feed yarn and needle to snug the new loop and tighten the old.

Best of luck, and wishes of patience!

Thank you! I’ll just keep on knitting and see what happens!

There is also a way of making the most of funky end stitches. I’m away from home right now, so I can’t look this up, but I think for the last stitch in every row you hold the live yarn in the back and slip the last stitch as if to purl, then turn the scarf over and do the next row as called for until you get to the last stitch and repeat the purlwise slip wyib. Does this make sense? If you have any scrap yarn try it out and see how it looks. I’m sorry I’m only posting from my imperfect memory…


Carol, I’ll have to give this a try. I can’t picture it without trying it. Thanks for your response!

I have a question along the same lines…when you bind off, what do you do with the last stitch in the row? You can’t knit it over anything!

For the last stitch, you cut the yarn leaving an 6 inch tail and put this through the last stitch. Then you tighten it.
As easy as this.

And then you get to the fun part of trying to hide the tails by weaving them in. Sometimes, depending on the type of yarn, it can be impossible to make the tails disappear.