New knitter needs help!

Hi, i already made this beautiful teddy bear my first time knitting. However, i am trying to make her pretty princess dress. it has beads in it. so it says to cast on 19 stitches and before that i put a bunch of beads on the yarn. but down on row 4 it says: k2,
(PB, k1) to last 3 stitches, PB, k21. well i placed bead and k1 to the last three stitches and then added another bead but how am i supposed to k21 when i am down to 3 stitches?? please help i want to do this tonight, i dont want to stop!!! ive come sooo far!!!

There could be a comma or hyphen missing and it would be “… to last 3 sts, pb, k2, 1.” Or is it telling you that there’s 21 sts at the end of the row? So it would be “…to last 3 sts, pb, knit - 21.”