New knitter needs help!

Hi, i am a pretty good crocheter and decided i wanted to learn knitting. i am having a hard time. i cannot keep the yarn loose enough and find myself fighting to make an m1 in between stitches. any advice please?

It takes practice to learn to ease your tension. Usually just practicing knit and purl is the best way to learn. Curious why you’re making an M1…?

You can consciously pull out on each stitch after it is formed on the right hand needle. Also tell yourself to relax and not use a death grip on the needles. And practice.

Sometimes when I have trouble picking up the running strand to do a M1, I pick it up with my right needle instead of the usual left and then put it on the left needle.

Another idea. Many times a simple backward loop increase over the right needle with make a very good M1. I use it a lot. The only time I really found that it was not a good choice at all was with a stuffed toy. The increase makes the tiniest hole (doesn’t bother me at all most of the time) and the stuffing stretched it out so it didn’t look good. You might try that inc. It is the first inc on the page with the free videos on this site.