New knitter needs help

I am fairly new to knitting, i learned here with the videos. I have knited 2 afgans, 2 stocking caps, and 8 dishcloths. i cant get my tension going smoothly. Is there anywhere I can watch someone just knit along. My right index finger gets sore because i use it on the tip of my right needle to take the stitch off, and I know I should be doing something else. I dont know anyone that knits, so the internet is all I have.

You can look at the knitting videos at You tube, they show a lot of different people knitting. If you have to push the needle to get the stitch off, you may be knitting too tight, which may correct itself with more experience, though you’ve done quite a few items. You can try grasping the tapered part of the needle with your index finger and thumb instead and see if that helps.

Try pushing on the [I]side[/I] of the tip of the needle in the meantime, while you’re figuring the rest of it out. Needles have that nice angle to the tip, and if you push on the side rather than the tip, it should still slip easily (unless you’re knitting way too tightly, as Sue says above) through the yarn. It won’t completely mitigate the soreness, but it should help.

What kind of needles are you using? My first pair was metal and hurt me like the dickens but since I switched to bamboo it’s not nearly as bad.

You can also use this site for finding yarn stores:
Some stores are hard to find. I didn’t even know I had a LYS for 2 months after I started until I looked there. Hopefully you can find something close by. It’s worth a shot. =)

thank you all for the suggestions
i will try the side of the needle.
I know i am knitting to tight, but the more i work on that, seems i just dont get anywhere.
But I will not give up

Where it seems most people begin knitting too tightly is when they tug on the just made stitch. You don’t need to tug on it at all, because you will do that when you make the next stitch!