New knitter needs help?

HI! I just learned to knit about two weeks ago… I keep practicing but I am having issues with the patterns. Somehow I will start with a certain amount of stitches, and a few rows in I will have accidentally added stitches! What am I doing wrong? How do I keep the same number of stitches? THANKS! :hair:

Probably when you start a row, you may think the first stitch is 2 if the yarn is pulled up over the back of the needle. That pulls on the last stitch of the row below and each leg looks like a separate st. Move the yarn off to the side so you can see the leg you knit into. Also take a look at the sticky - Mysterious Extra stitches? here

thank you Sue!! I will try that!!

sometimes when you lay down your needles and pick them up again the needles sticks under the running bar which is one way of doing an increase but only when you want to increase. I’ve caught myself in that situation a few times. Sue’s advice is also an excellent point too.