New knitter needs help!

I want to try to make baby booties for my new niece, but the pattern refers to wrong side (WS) and I don’t understand what that means. None of the knitting books I have explain it. Can someone help??


do you know what stitch you are working in? (stockinette is k 1 row, p 1 row, garter is k every row). If you are working in stockinette it is the side with all the pretty V"s on it.


Welcome stef515!

Oops, YarnMommy, the V’s are the right side, not the wrong side of stockinette!

Stef, basically, the RS (Right side) is the side that is on the outside, what is showing to the viewer when wearing a garment. And the WS is the opposite, the inside. If you’re knitting in stockinette, this is the purl-side, with the dashes. If you’re doing garter stitch, it will look the same as the RS.

Happy knitting. :slight_smile:

um…you know what I meant. :shock: :? :oops:

Thanks for the quick response. The thing is that it says to knit it with a garter stitch, so I wonder why it even specifies RS or WS…oh well.