New Knitter needs help!

I need help! I have just started knitting but I have a problem that I wont know how to fix. I casted on a row and the knitted a row. Then I began my second row of knitting but as I was doing my stitch all of the stitches on the row feel out. How do I fix this?

Start over. :angelgrin: You’re not that far into it yet. I’d cast on again and very carefully knit your first row. The first row usually is the most difficult to knit.

This is good experience for you! If you don’t feel like restarting, or you’re further on ahead (BE-LIEVE ME, it will happen!) just use a crochet hook to pull the thread of the next row through your lose stitch.
If it’s a Knit stitch, pull thread from back through to front, do the opposite for a purl (thread in front through to back).
Just try it, you’ll see how easy it is! Then, put the stitch back on the needle and you’re ready to rock!

This is just me and judging by how I started, I would throw the skein of yarn, the needles and the cast on/knit row and have a cigarette.
Then I would grab a different pair of needles and a different skein of yarn because those other ones are obviously cursed, and try again.
But that’s just me.

Seriously (actually I was being serious but you might want to take a calmer approach :slight_smile: ),
For only one row of knitting you’d probably spend more time trying to pick those stitches back up and get them all turned right than you would frogging it back to the cast on row and re-knitting it.

If it ever happens with more work on the needle there’s a video showing what you need to do here, ,under “Fixing Mistakes” and the video is called “How to re-insert your needle”. “Recognizing an accidentally twisted stitch” would also be a good one to watch.

If you have the time, go ahead and try to pick up the dropped stitches – if nothing else, it’ll be good practice! But since you’re only on your 2nd row, it might be easier to rip it all out and start over.

I have noticed that my yarn is unraveling. Is this normal?

When you say ‘all your sts fell out’ make sure you’re actually knitting the st and not just putting the yarn around the ndl.

I have noticed that my yarn is unraveling.

What kind of yarn are you using?


What yarn are you using?

Its a thin yarn called “cotton ease”

I think I know what’s happening.
I think what is goin on is that you are inserting your needle in between the stitches instead of under the front leg of the stitch.
For the stitches to loop and lock together, they have to be attached but to do that you have to knit the loop not the stitch.

K all knit and purl stitches have legs. A front leg and a back leg. The front leg should be the one that is closest to the tip of the needle.
When you are knitting you should have your yarn from the ball or skein in the back and then you insert your right needle BETWEEN the legs, under the front leg, with the point going towards the back, now either catch or wrap the yarn around the needle and pull it back through (with the wrap of yarn) and then let the old stitch fall off the left needle and you have a new stitch on the right. Keep doing that across til you get the hang of it and you run out of stitches on the left needle, now switch sides and take the right hand needle with your left hand and continue on (making sure that the yarn is always in the back for knitting stitches). That is called turning.