New knitter, needs help with circular knitting 🐸


I stated my project fine and made sure that the stitches were not twisted but now that I am several rows in, I have notice that my project has twisted, is this ok? Do I have to start all over again? I hope not, because the cast on 312 stiches!!!

Thanks for your help!!!

This is my project

Oh no… if it’s actually twisted there is nothing you can do. You’ll have to start over. :zombie: To prevent twisting you can knit a few rows flat first then join. That little split part can be sewn together with the tail later.

Sts can twist on the first round too, not just the cast on. If you don’t want to cast on again, you can rip out until you have 2 rounds on the needle, then put the sts back on one by one as you take out the 2nd round, and a couple sts on the end of the first round. Then find the twist and have it twist at the join, make sure the rest of the sts are okay and go again. The twist won’t show just one round in. It can be tedious to do this, but maybe not so much as casting on again.