New knitter needs help please

I’m teaching myself to knit using a book and this site. I’ve mastered casting on, and have started practicing the knit stitch. After I cast on, and knit my first row, my stitches are all twisted around my needle like a spiral. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Congratulations on learning to knit! I think you’ll enjoy it. What cast on are you using? Is it one of the ones in the Free Videos above? Knowing which one can help figure out if there is a problem or if you just need to straighten the stitches after the first row is knit. They will tend to spiral around so it might be no real problem and you just need to keep on knitting. If you’re interested you can even post a photo. We love pictures!

Thanks for the quick answer. I’m using the “long tail” method shown in the videos. If I can straighten it out, it does it again, and sometimes I can’t twist it around… like its too tight.

I think you’re probably knitting really tightly. If you can try to make your stitches looser then that might solve the problem. They should slide easily on the needle. You chose a good cast on. If you don’t make it too tight it’s easy to work the first row with the long tail cast on and it looks good. Don’t get discouraged, we’ve all had to learn the tension thing. I used to have a problem with my long tail cast on being too tight and until I got better at it would actually use a needle a size or two larger than I planned to work with. HTH

Thanks so much. I’ll try to make it looser. Many thanks.

Please be sure to come back and let us know how it goes for you.