New knitter-needs help please!

So today I took my first knitting class and I brought my project out to work on it and am totally confused. I cast on my 31 stitches but when I go to my second row(I presume I am supposed to do a knit stitch) I end up dropping a stich. Please help, I am so frustrated(we have to have this done for class next week)so I am trying to work on this while it is fresh in my head but am so confused I am ready to give up and not go back to my class!


where do you end up dropping your stitch… the first stitch, or further on in the row?

the first stitch. I don’t know what else to do…I am so frazzled and we have to have 20 inches by next Sunday.


20 inches? Are they serious? That’s a lot for a newbie. It’s no fun learning a new hobby if someone’s making you do it at their pace instead of your own. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and relax, okay? :hug: You can do it! Learning to knit is like learning to tie your shoes. It’s a muscle memory thing, so a different part of your brain is learning it (cerebellum vs. the cerebrum). This means that you’ll learn best just by doing it over and over again. But once you learn to knit, it’ll become much more fluid. Don’t worry!

Concerning your dropped stitch, it sounds like you may be casting on too tightly. Try casting on with two needles held together, then pull one out after you’ve casted on your howevermany stitches. That’s one thing that’s helped me a lot, since I tended to cast on too tightly when I started as well. The first row is always a little tricky, too.

Oh, and welcome to the forum! This is by far the friendliest forum I’ve ever been on.

hmmm… my only thought could be that you aren’t inserting your needle into the stitch properly, if it ends up being dropped. You could be inserting between the first and second stitch, instead of through the front leg on the first stitch. It’s so hard to picture what might be going on.

Amy has excellent videos which give you a step by step. Have you tried looking at those. Maybe they might be of some help. In case you haven’t already seen them, have a look at [color=indigo]these[/color]. They demonstrate the knit stitch, but she starts at the beginning of a row, so it might help you to see if you are doing anything different.

I will keep this in mind, as i tidy up my messy house, maybe an ‘aha’ moment might come to me and i can solve your problem :shrug: