New knitter needs help! 50g or 100g?

Hi I’m going to be knitting a scarf which has recommended that I use Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK (50g balls) but I was looking at using Patons Fab Colour DK (100g balls) will it make a difference to the outcome of the project if I use the 100g ball rather than the 50g one? Thanks in advance for any help.

100 gm is the weight of the ball of yarn. A 100 gm ball generally has more yarn in it than a 50 gm ball. But all of that is dependent on what size the yarn is.

Using yards as measurement is much better. In this case the yarn suggested is a DK weight, 130 yds, and a gauge of 22 sts over 4 inches.

When you substitute yarns you want the same (or close) gauge, weight and about the same yardage. Look at the yarn you are considering and see if it is close. If it’s a much heavier yarn the scarf will probably be bigger especially since you’ll have to use bigger needles. If it’s light weight and smaller needles the scarf will be smaller.

For a scarf it’s often not a big deal, but if this were a sweater… big deal if it doesn’t fit after all that work. :wink: