New knitter needs circular needle help please!

Hi- This is my first post here…I am a new knitter. Today I went to my yarn shop and asked for some ideas for projects to try. I ended up with a felted purse pattern. I have not knitted with circular needles before- the pattern calls for 24" size 13 needles. In the beginning of the pattern, it says "with the circular needle, loosely cast on 21 sts. Knit 17 rows.

My problem is: 21 stitches are way smaller than the circumfrence of the needles- how do I join my ends to make the circle? I watched the videos here- do I have to do the magic loop method? I am really stumped, which is depressing, because I was so excited about starting this project, and I can’t even knit the first row!! Help me please!!


Take a deep breath. I’m betting that the bottom of the bag is worked back and forth, as on regular needles. Then, when you do the sides, you’ll pick up stitches and THEN you’ll join them to knit in a circle.

Check the pattern, I bet this is the problem. :wink:

Are you sure this part is supposed to be knit in the round? If so, you probably need to cast on again, even looser. You can hold two needles together and cast onto them together if need be. Remove the second needle before joining the round.

Also, joining the first round is sometimes quite a stretch. But once you get that first row knitted, it will loosen up and fit nicely around the circle.

If you just can’t get it to reach all the way around, no matter what you do, consider getting a 16" needle instead.

Okay, Ingrid, I think you were right!!! As new as I am, it didn’t occur to me that the pattern would start out on circular needles without knitting in the round! Next problem- I’ve knitted my 17 rows. The pattern then says “bind off loosely. Do not cut yarn and leave last st on needle. (I’ve done that.) Pick up 20 sts along each long side and 8 sts along each short side: 56 sts. Place marker. Begin working in st st in the round.”

Huh??? I feel so clueless! How do I pick up 20 sts along each long side and 8 sts along each short? I’m going to bed now since I’m too tired to make sense of anything, but I’m hoping to be able to make some sense of it tomorrow! I’m taking my deep breath now…

Thanks for your help!!!

You might want to watch this video on picking up stitches. There’s also a great article here (with good pictures!) :smiley:

With the help of the videos and tutorial, you should be able to pick up the stitches. Just pick up 8 along one short side, turn the corner and pick up 20, then the other 8 then the other 20 and you’ll be back where you started.

Then you’ll start knitting in the round. Put a marker on the needle and knit the first stitch on the left needle and continue on your way.

Don’t worry, you’ll get it.

Wow, Julie; I hadn’t discovered that article yet at Knitty. Those pics are great, and I was going to be soon asking about picking up stitches myself. :smiley:

Thanks to those of you who replied to my knitting in the round questions- I think I have it right, and I"m more than halfway done with the body of the purse. Yay!!! My only problem now is that I am having a hard time forcing myself to stop knitting!!!


We all have that problem! My mantra has become ‘Just one more row.’

LOL! :mrgreen: Yep, Margie; welcome to the “KAA” (Knitting Addicts Anonymous). :thumbsup:

Hello, my name is Renna. I am a knitting addict. :rollseyes:

Everyone, all together now…

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