New Knitter Needing Help


I’m really new to knitting. I’m knitting a cardigan, bit of the pattern below. I’m struggling with row 6 where I M1, do I purl the new stitch on row 7 or drop it? I assume purl it?

Then row 12 where I drop one stitch it all goes wrong. What should I do here? If I wanted to skip the drop one stitch (not that fussed about the ladder effect it the pattern) do I need to make any changes to the rows above?

Sorry if this makes no sense. I’m new and teaching myself as I go.

Thanks in advance

What is the ame of the pattern?

You’re right to purl the new stitch (the M1 from row 6) on row 7.

What is happening for it to go wrong on row 12?
This should only ladder a few rows as the base of this column looks like is the M1 stitch which cannot ladder any further down.

Sometimes sti5ches misalignment as new knitters might work a knit in addition to a YO as some tutorials show it this way. A YO is only moving the yarn between the needles to the front, then over the top of the right needle. No stitch is worked.
In this pattern it is YO then immediately a k2tog. No extra knit stitch between.

If it’s not working out I’m sure someone here can help to figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it rather than not make the ladder pattern.

If you don’t want to make the ladder though I would imagine leaving out the M1, the YO and the K2tog would probably be the way to go, it would be easier though if we knew the pattern.

Hiya, thanks for your message. It’s called “lost road trip cardigan” when I dropped the stitches before it went all the way back to the cast on, however I’m not now 100% sure I did the M1 correctly. I did work and extra stitch before the K2tog, so thanks for that. I’ll give it another go at doing the drop stitch, if I fail I’ll try missing the M1, Yo and k2tog.

Thanks so much for the advice.

Fingers crossed

This one?

Lovely design with that chunky yarn.
I can see why you would still love this design even without the ladders as it is already eye-catching.

I made a swatch with ladders once, it was fun, I loved the effect and wanted to make something to wear like that. But then I couldn’t come to terms with the idea people would think I had messed up my knitting. Says something about my personality I think!

If you have a stitch marker or bit of scrap yarn or thread in a contrasting colour, you can attach this to your M1 stitch. Then when you arenready to drop the stitch track the column first to make sure it is leading to the m1 stitch. Another way is to put a stitch marker or yarn onto the needle immediately before the M1. Each row slip the marker from jne needle to the other, the M1 will be directly after the marker on each right side row. This can help to drop the correct stitch.

The k2tog on row 6 are stitches 9 and 10. The m1 is stitch 11.
The dropped stitch on row 12 is stitch 11.

The ladders come in different places through the pattern but once you get the hang of which colum it is and how to mark it, it will get easier.

That’s the one. Thank you so much, this is so helpful

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You’re welcome.
Let us know how it goes, and if there are more tricky bits do ask as there is so much support here.