New Knitter Needing Help Plz

Hi everyone!:happydance: I am a new 23 year old knitter :knitting: . Just learned about a week ago. I have been Crocheting since I was 5 so I figured it’s time to learn something new. I have the basic knit and purl down perfect so far so I am trying to do a baby blanket for a cousin who is having a baby and she is due in April :woohoo: . But I am getting into things I don’t know how to do. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a good learning to knit DVD that shows everything I need to know. I was also wondering if anyone can tell me what PSSO means and how to do it. Everything I have found on it says Sl 1, P1 or K1, PSSO. But in patterns all I see is PSSO. And I was also wondering what pM means. I have also seen this in patterns but don’t know what it means. Also if anyone knows of any other sites that are as good as this site or better. I would greatly appriciate any help anyone could give me. Thank you so much to anyone who can help me. :muah: :muah: :muah:

Hi,Congrats on joining the knitters club :cheering:
PSSO is Pass Slipped Stitch Over which means that you’ll slip a stitch,knit 1 stitch and then pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch. Its another way of knitting 2 together.
A pM is Place Marker.
I don’t know of any knitting DVD’s but there is some good video’s on this site that might help you.
Also if you do a google search it’lll bring up how to do it videos.

You can also purchase a CD of all Amy’s helpful videos. Check out the Shop tab above.

Seriously, if you haven’t already check out the how-to videos on this website. I just taught myself how to knit pretty much just by watching these videos over and over again. She’s very thorough! Anticipates problems and has some troubleshooting and tips for better knitting. Even now after about 7 finished projects and knitting for a month straight, I still wander back every once in a while to say “oh yeah, I remember her showing that but… did she wind the yarn clockwise or counterclockwise??” So I go back and check it out and sure enough, she’s like “and I’m wrapping counterclockwise” !!

At certain times of the day the feed seems waaay slower than normal. Is anyone else experiencing this or maybe is it my internet connection that’s slow?

Between some very good books and this site I have taught myself. I read somewhere “What would Laura Ingalls do?” She did not have the internet. It makes me feel more empowered when I can figure something out and the videos on this site are amazing. Good luck.


Laura Ingalls would have gotten help in person (and I’m terribly jealous of that, I still haven’t had a chance to sit and knit in person with another knitter!) and likely would have worked without written patterns - vague word of mouth, handed down guidelines would be more likely. Very different from where we sit :wink:

Ok thank you everyone for ur help. i also would like to know if the knittinghelp cd is just the videos on the site or r there more videos and other stuff?:woot: :woohoo: :woot: :muah: :muah: :muah: :knitting:

The Knitting Help CD contains all the videos on this site plus some bonus material. Here’s the description of all that’s included:

[li][B]Includes all of the videos on this website[/li] [/B]
[li][B]Bonus Material:[/li] [/B][/ul] [ul][LIST]
[li][B]How to knit socks! [/B] In this 40 minute Sock video, a standard sock pattern (toddler size) is demonstrated from start to finish. For a sock pattern that fits [I]you[/I], I recommend buying The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, and using their similar pattern to follow along with the video.[/ul][ul][/li][li][B]How to do Double Knitting[/B] (reversible, double-thick stockinette stitch), with a lovely pattern to try out.[/ul][ul][/li][li]How to knit a Star shaped Christmas ornament[/ul][/LIST] You can order the CD here.[/li]
If you are looking for instructional knitting DVDs you might also want to consider this one by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

ok thanks everyone :slight_smile: I will look into getting those DVDs soon. we cant aford it right now. we were hit hard by that ice storm that went through missouri and other states. we have spent over $1000 in just a few days in hotel bills and buying a generator and now we have to buy all our food again lol. so ya we r kinda broke right now. but i will look into all of those videos and stuff soon. :slight_smile: wish us luck on the clean up lol. thanx everyone