New knitter: Need help with afghan pattern

Hello! I’ve been knitting for a few months now and just found this site. I’ve already learned a lot from browsing and am hoping some of you ladies might be able to help me with my next project. I want to do the “Comfy” afghan in the Leisure Arts Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans but need help understanding the pattern please.
The gauge is listed as stockinette stitch, so when it says Rows 1-12:Knit Across, that would be in stockinette (knitting one row then purling the next), correct?
The next line in the patten says Row 13: (Right side): Knit Across. What does this mean?

Thanks for any help you can give - I’m excited to get started on this!:woohoo:

No, in this case " knit rows 1-12" really means “knit” because you’re making a garter stitch border so the afghan won’t curl when it’s done. Take a look at the finishing instructions. They probably call for the last 12 rows to be all knit, too. The gauge is probably in stockinette to make it easier to measure. Oh…I see it…there’s a garter stitch border around the edges, too. The whole thing just looks big, fluffy, soft and inviting.

“Right side” means that from then on, the side you’d usually want to be looking at should be toward you. Stick a safety pin, a little different-colored yarn, a twist tie or whatever onto that side of the afghan so you’ll remember which side is “forward”. If the afghan is the one I looked up, you’ll be working in basketweave, so you’ll want to get your knits and purls in the right order.

Thank you Becky - you just saved me from having to rip out what I’ve done so far! I was so excited to get started and stayed up way too late working on this last night. I think I just started to doubt myself from lack of sleep.

The safety pin is a great idea - now to go hunt one down so I can get on with my knitting. :slight_smile:

I have that book and I knitted the same pattern for a baby blanket for my daughter to give as a baby shower gift.I found out that this pattern had a multiple of 8 stitches + 3 stitches. Although I did not use two strands of yarn to knit it, it turned out beautiful and the recipient’s relatives thought the blanket had to have cost more than $150.00 . I used Bernat Satin