New knitter making scarf...add more yarn?

Hi. First time here. First knitting project. I’m making a scarf. I’m doing 4 knit stitches, then 4 purl, repeating for 24 stitches wide. I just used all of my yarn, and it’s about four feet long. I have more yarn and am not sure how to start knitting with it. I watched the videos but they talk about a “wrong” side. I don’t have a “wrong” side on a scarf. Thanks…I hope someone will tell me what to do!
Peggy in Indiana

You’re right-- you don’t really have a wrong and right side. So just pick one:) . Then just start knitting with the new ball of yarn. One thing that can make for neater work is to start is a couple of sts in from the edge. Then when you go to weave in those ends, it will be more discreet. The other thing is to use a Russian Join. Search for it on the Internet and you will find photos and videos about it. That way your join is almost invisible and you can do it anywhere you like, with no ends to weave in at the end of your project.

You just start knitting with the new yarn, either tying the ends loosely together to weave in later, or just weave them in. When you’re done, you should be able to hide the ends so they can’t be seen from either side.

Hi :slight_smile: It really doesn’t matter in this case (thankfully haha!); I’ve ended up having end tails on either side, but I try to keep it all to one side, just to keep it even and such, but it’s no big woop if ya don’t :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look for the Russian Join.

I did it! I did the Russian Join. I can’t even see where the new yarn starts. How very cool. Thanks so much!

You’re very welcome!:hug: . Isn’t it great?!