New Knitter...LOST! Need Help, Please!

Hello and Thank you for looking at my post!
I am so very new at this…I think I bit off too much to begin!:??

I am expecting my first baby, and have been very sick so I decided to take up knitting a blanket for my little one on the way. :inlove:

I bought a circular needle, looked at a pattern book, and started going to town.:happydance:

It looks beautiful and fuzzy…the problem is: when I measured it today on the circular, it measures 8’ long…It left me thinking I was going to have an 8’ long baby blanket!:shifty:

My question is…Can I knit the round together to make a 4’ by whatever width I decide? The measurement now if it were flat is 7" x 8’. Can I continue to knit to 17", then knit the whole thing together so it comes out roughly 3’ by 4’, or have a started a comforter for my bed?:shock:

Please help…:pray:
I would prefer the baby to have a blanket rather than a quilt for my bed…I was so excited to knit, I didn’t even pay much attention to what I was ending up with!:rollseyes:

Thanks for your help, and I will post a pic when I am finished…whatever it turns out to be!:heart:

The exact same thing happened to a baby blanket I commenced in pink mohair. It became way way longer than I expected and that was because I didn’t swatch the yarn and have a better idea of what length a certain number of stitches would offer. I am doing it in seed stitch which isn’t seen finely with this yarn but I wanted a stitch that would not ‘give’ as much as others might. In your case the best you could do (without undoing) would be to fold the blanket over and stitch it - and make a type of warm quilt or, yes, you could make yourself a matching item say to put over your knees to have the baby lie on.

Or you can start knitting in the round now and either sew up where the ends didn’t meet yet, or maybe use it like a sleeping bag, leaving the end open with the flap folded down. There are a multitude of possiblilities!

The sleeping bag is a nice idea.
My only concern re the yarn I used is the degree of fuzziness and the baby breathing some of this in. I wish wash it carefully before passing it on but I’m not sure I would use a mohair for such an item again on that basis.

First, congratulations on the baby! Hope you feel better soon!

Now for knitting help:
Gauge is a HUGE deal with size when you knit. What size needles are you using? When you measure an inch (wide) of what you’ve knit, how many stitches are in the inch? This is REALLY important in getting the size the pattern calls for. When you measure an inch (length) how many rows do you get? This is not as important, as you can always knit fewer or more rows, but if it’s WAY different than the pattern’s called-for gauge, you may have size issues.

How far along are you in the knitting? Can you frog it (rip it out) and start over? If you do that, I HIGHLY recommend you make a swatch first. It’s a 4X4 square (at least) to help you figure out your gauge. You may need to switch to a MUCH smaller size needle, since you probably don’t want to start with new yarn. Some yarns are too thin or thick for some patterns. The whole gauge thing helps you figure it out.

If you don’t want to start over, you might be able to seam it or make it circular, as posted above.

Hi Susan P…

Thanks for your reply…how should I stitch it? Sew it or is there a stitch I can do in knitting?
Thanks…Capricorn Baby

Hi Ingrid…

Thanks for your reply! Is there a knitting stitch you reccommend, or should I sew it?

Thanks…Capricorn Baby

Hi Gina…

Thanks for your reply. I don’t want to rip it out, so I think I will try to sew it together. At least that way I will have a sort-of-blanket. Any tips on sewing it…is there a knit stich I can do to accomplish this?

Thanks…Capricron Baby

You can, as I mentioned, start knitting in the round now. Then you’d only have a partial seam to sew.

Mattress stitch is a wonderful technique for joining knitting. Amy has video on it, too.

Thanks Ingrid…
I watched her video and that looks like a great idea. I may even try to join together with a ribbon for a different look, since you will be able to see the middle seam.
Thanks for your reply!
Capricorn Baby