New knitter, knitting question

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:48 am Post subject: New knitter ,knitting question

Hi new knitter here…anyone willing to help me decipher the following direction:? :shrug:

Knit to last 18 stitches. Turn. [LEAVE REMAINING STITCHES UNWORKED. Then they want you to purl the next row …fine… and then repeat those two rows five times…that is fine also…
I don’t know what the “leave stitches unworked” means…in my mind…something is going to come out way uneven and unattached.

BTW…this is the R leg of pants and that “unworked” section is supposed to be the front,…if that is any help

I’d appreciate any and all help thanks. :wall:

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that means that you just dont work whatever sts are left on the needle after 18. :shrug:

If I am understanding this correctly, you will be working some of those 18 stitches on a subsequent row. As you keep turning and working to the last 18 you should be gradually working into those stitches to create the correct shaping.

Best advice? Follow the pattern instructions and you’ll see it happening.

yhanks guys…that’s what I was doing…just needed encouragement deb

Tip: sometimes things dont look correct until you have bound off!! love and best knitting! :muah: