New knitter - how to start?

Can some body help me to start knitting , how do I start ? Any books
? Or links?please help
I love kntting …all I am having little starting trouble

Have you checked out our videos at the top of the page?

Yep, lots of videos at the top of the page. On the tips page there is a Demo of a Small Project that is helpful, too.

Go to the Getting started page and there’s some ideas there. Have you got yarn and needles yet? I’d suggest some inexpensive yarn in a light color or multicolored, smooth and with worsted on the label or the number 4. Then for needles you can get a size 10/6mm; it’s a little larger than is normally used for that type of yarn, but it makes the sts easier to see and put the needle into, and new knitters often have a tendency to knit too tightly anyway. If you want the ones that have cords instead of 2 straight needles, I think they’d be a lot easier to learn on; it’s hard enough to figure out how to wrap the yarn around the needles without trying to balance such long sticks at the same time. If they want to stay curled up, hold the cord only in some hot water and then let them cool off as you hold them straight, that’ll help.

Thanks you so much .I went to michaels got needle 8 & 9 size and some yarn ( soft ones) i saw the videos and they are awesome .I Started with cast on 30 and started about 8 rows with knit. It’s not that neat and I feel it’s too tight.

Still exploring with videos…Thanks again for tips

Happy knitting:woot:

:thumbsup: Good start. Knitting is a great adventure, always something else to try. I think that’s true for those with lots of experience even. Keep at it, practice is what it takes.

Neat and even stitches will come with practice, just hang in there and it’ll come together. Also, washing the item when you’re done will make the stitches much more even, they don’t have to look perfect on the needles.

Thankyou so much for sharing you experience.
Its very encouraging for new starters…:cool:

Thanks,nice to here from people who is well experienced in knitting
.Thanks again for your note.:slight_smile: