New knitter! how do i tell rs?

OK, so i’m doing my first pattern. i did a 2x2 rib (one row starting with a K, next starting with a P, etc) for 1.5 inches, and am supposed to end with a rs row. HOW do i know which one is a rs row? I am assuming i should end on an even numbered row but it kinda looks the same to me at this point. Is there an official way to be able to tell this? Thanks for helping a newbie :blush:

Ribbing does look the same on the front and back, so it’s not a question that’s too far out there. It really shouldn’t matter too much since you’re measuring your ribbing rather than doing a particular number of rows, but you’re right in assuming that the odd numbered rows are usually the right side, so you’d end with an even numbered row, or the row that starts with the purl.

With ribbing, unfortunately it does all look the same. Which cast-on method did you use? I almost always use a long-tail cast on, so the first stitch of my first row is where the tail of the yarn comes down. So I always remember that when I have a row facing me that has the cast on tail on its lower right corner, I’m on a right side row. Or, if you want, you could attach a safety pin to the right side of your work once you’ve done a few rows and you’ll be able to tell that way.

Also, since you’re doing a 2x2 rib and you know that your first row started with two knit stitches and your second row started with 2 purl stitches, you should be able to tell which is the right side and which is the wrong side by looking at what the first two stitches look like. The knit stitches look like little columns of V’s and the purl stitches look more like little ridges of bumps.

Hope this helps.