New knitter here! I have a question

I looked for an answer to this so I wouldn’t be repeating something but I didn’t find it. I’ve been knitting for about a month now and have made some scarfs and a change purse. The problem is my edges don’t look neat at all! I pull them tight before I knit at the beginning of each row but it still looks sloppy. It is very frustrating! Any tips on how I can fix this problem?

I included a picture so you can see what I mean. The bottom edges of the purse are a little crooked because I’ve also never sewn before but I know how to fix that, practice! :slight_smile: Oh and the button hole is a bit crooked but I also know that is because I had an extra stitch, Boy when I tell you I’m just learning it is the truth!

The flap edges are what I mean, very crooked and uneven. I have to say I learned how to knit from this site, the videos are extremely helpful. I never could of done it without looking at them! So thank you very much!

Two things I have found useful in making a neat edge when knitting:

  1. Slipping the first stitch on each row, (then knitting or purling to the end of the row, turn, slip the first stitch on the next row then knit or purl to the end of the row and so on and so forth).

  2. Doing increases or decreases after/before the slipped stitch so they’re not actually on the edge of the work.

Slipping the stitches makes it easier when it comes to seaming as well as it’s easy to see where you should be sewing it together. Using mattress stitch for seaming helps to make the finished item look pretty professional. Amy has a video which shows this technique.

Does that help?

yes, thank you. I want to make another coin purse because I think they will make great little gifts so I will try that today. I didn’t think of slipping a stitch BEFORE doing the decrease, I think that will help a lot. Thank you for taking the time to help me out!