New knitter! Help!

I am relatively new to knitting. I am currently knitting a hat on circular needles and had one extra stitch than I was supposed to when I got to the end of my round. I must have accidentally knit the part that was supposed to slide off somewhere and unintentionally increased my row. However, I’m not 100% sure how to pinpoint which area I did this in. How do I go about finding the culprit? I have inspected the stitches but being that I am relatively new, I am not certain which one it is at a glance. HELP! Anything is much appreciated.:shrug:

First, don’t panic. It happens.
Second, stick a paper clip or a safety pin on your first stitch and count to make sure you didn’t just count wrong (been there, done that too.)
Third, you should be able to follow a row of stitches down to the beginning, one way or another. If you’re knitting in plain stockinette (knitting every row in the round) you should see one of the stitch rows “branch” where you got the extra. All you have to do if you find it is drop that one off your needles and let it run to wherever the mistake happened. It’ll leave a little bit of a ladder, but as you work with the hat and wear it and wash it and all, it’ll work back into the fabric.
If you can’t find where it happened, don’t worry about it. No, really, if there’s no pattern to worry about, just get rid of it on the row before decreases start. I’ve done an extra decrease right under where the next row’s will be, and nobody ever notices.
If you need to start a pattern that depends on an accurate stitch count, dispose of the extra one by k2tog on the last two stitches before the patterned part starts.

Thank you for your reply Becky. This pattern has cable knit stitches as well so it was not so easy to follow. I ended up taking the extremely tedious route and tinking down 2 rows where it was basic knit stitches. I then used your suggestion and found the little stinker. :woot:

Thank you again for the advice. It will be much appreciated when this hat is all done and doesn’t look wonky.