New Knitter: Help Reading Pattern

Hi, I’ve just started knitting. I’ve practiced the knit and purl stitches and thought I was ready to start the scarf pattern I picked up, but I’m not really sure what its telling me.

Row 1: K1, p1, k1
What is the difference between K & k?

Row 2: work the stitches as the face you, purl the edge stitches
What does work the stitches mean?

If anyone can answer these questions it would be much appreciated. Also, this was just a free pattern I picked up with my yarn, so if anyone wants to recommend another beginner pattern, that would be appreciated as well.
Thanks so much.

There is no difference other than the K is at the beginning of a sentence. Large and small letters are used interchangeably in patterns.

Work stitches means knit or purl them, however they look on that row. If it looks like a knit stitch, knit it, if it looks like a purl, you purl it.

Do you know how to knit and purl on the same row? Since with a k you need the yarn in back and with the p st you need it in front, you have to move the yarn back and forth. Don’t take it over the needle, move it between the tips. Look at the Rib video under Basic Stitches on the Tips page to see how it’s done.

hehe…thanks for the hint on knitting/purling on the same row…should have posted my question sooner…tried to figure that out for a while, finally got it this afternoon :slight_smile: