New Knitter! Help please

Hi all,

I’ve decided to take up knitting and got VERY excited by it :slight_smile:

I bought myself a pair of 4mm needles and some thin yarn last night on recommendation from the woman in the haberdashery last night. Went home and started playing. Now, couple of things:

  • I find the needles really quite long, is that normal and will I get used to them in time?
  • What’s the best way to cast on initally for a beginner?
  • I managed to get one row done and then got confused on how to add row number two?

I’m sorry they all seem very simple questions but I want to get some practice in tonight and would love to have any handy tips!



Welcome to knitting and to KnittingHelp!
Long straight needles may take a bit of time to get used to. They seem to be rather awkward and in the way. You’re not alone in that and that’s why many people switch to circular needles. They hold more sts, let the project fit more comfortably on your lap (especially large items like blankets) and you won’t frighten you seatmate on an airplane. You use them to knit back and forth just as you do straight needles and you can also use them to knit tubes.

Take a look at the videos under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, especially the one under Geting Started, Demo of a Small Project and under Cast Ons. Try the knitted cast on or the long tail cast on which are both good to know and relatively easy to do.

Welcome to knitting and to KH.
Getting used to any knitting needles takes some time, but after a bit you’ll get the hang of it. No need to apologize for simple questions, if you don’t get them answered you can’t move on the more difficult ones. I agree with Salmonmac about looking at the videos. Enjoy!

How long a needle did you get? They come in 10 and 14" lengths; the 10s are a little easier to handle, but I can’t use them at all anymore since I switched to the circulars. The needle tips are short enough to fit my hands better and the cord is a lot lighter weight and you don’t have to balance it while you learn how to make the sts. If you can, I’d suggest returning the straight ones and getting circs. You can knit flat on them as well as in the round, don’t let anyone tell you they’re ‘too advanced’ for a beginner, they’re actually easier.

Plus with circs you can slide your work to the middle if you have to walk away in a hurry with less chance of sts falling off the needle.