New knitter help - deciphering a pattern for a cardigan

Hi all. I’m new to knitting but have been able to teach myself most basic techniques with the help of tutorial videos on YouTube. I’ve recently started knitting a cardigan for my soon-to-arrive baby niece, and I’m having trouble with part of the pattern. It is for the back piece of the cardigan, and I’m trying to shape the shoulders and neck. The pattern is as follows:

  • Cast off 4 sts, k until there are 8 sts on RH needle, turn
  • Dec one st at neck edge of next two rows
  • Cast off rem 6 sts pwise

Does this mean I’m to turn the work and purl the 8 sts on the RH needle backwards? Or is there another way I’m to do this?


When you’re shaping you sometimes leave stitches unworked or decrease to get the shaping. If you are doing it in stockinette then purl the back and knit the front as usual.

What is the name of the pattern? If you have a link that would be helpful, but don’t post the pattern itself here as it’s a copyright issue.

This is the pattern I’m using