New Knitter...Help changing colors?

I am currently attempting to do my first non-scarf knitting project. I am making a “comfort doll”…which is a pretty easy project that I am confident about except one thing!
:knitting: Every time I change the color of the yarn the new color makes an awkward line of the color on the opposite side that makes it look so odd…is it suppose to do that?! How can I fix it?

Thank you all for your help! :hug:

What stitch are you using - stockinette stitch or garter? Garter stitch is going to to that, but if you work in stockinette st, always start the new color on a knit row and the old color will be on the purl side.

as the discussion went in the other thread: in stochinette it makes no difference which row you start your color in. The odd line is always on the back side.

just in garter stitch: the line is not avoidable, unfortunately.

If you really don’t want it, you can knit seperate pieces and sew them together. Not the point of that knitting project but works, anyways.

In garter stitch it only shows on the back as well. Here’s a sample of a color change on garter.