New Knitter - Hat is Too Big

Hi I am Lynn, and am fairly new with the whole knitting thing, My question, is I have made a hat and it is too big, is there any way I can make it smaller, now that it is completed? Thank you. Lynn

Can someone help this new knitter?

The only advice I can think of is to give the hat to someone else, and start over with smaller needles or thinner yarn.

Well… if it’s a feltable wool you could shrink it a bit. If it’s washable you could try that and see if it shrinks back a bit, but it probably won’t be enough. You could find someone with a larger head, but I think ripping it out and casting on less stitches is probably the best thing to do.

If you could use a really warm hat here is another idea.LINK

This site tells how you can put a fleece lining in a hat. She even says right at the beginning of the article that this can help with a too big hat. It is not hard to do and doesn’t cost much, so might be of help.

You can’t really make it smaller as is, but you can rip it out and use a smaller needle or less stitches.

Yep, I had a hat that was too big for my son so I lined it with fleece. Perfect for the winter. I found a how-to on a blog called Techknitting. here is the link:

Just checked this link out and it has some very useful information I could have used with an earflap hat for a friend. Thank you!