New Knitter - Casting On in Middle of Row


I am pretty new to knitting and am trying to master a Mason Dixon Baby Bib O’ Love. I’ve gotten to where I need to start knitting the two straps.

It says to knit 10, cast on 20, then knit final 10. I’m a self taught knitter and this is throwing me.

Questions - how do the cast on stitches attach back to the bib and how exactly do I cast on in the middle? From what I have read, I need to turn my knitting, right?

Sorry to be dense. I thought this was going to be a really simple project for me (and I’m sure it is!). Just need to understand this casting on in the middle business.



You can use any of the single cast-ons. It helps to turn your knitting around just for the ease of making the cast on, but turn it back and finish the other side.

It sounds like you’re making a slit, so you wouldn’t want these attached. Did you cast off on the previous row?


See, that is what I thought - there would be a slit but this is actually at the neck area of the bib where there shouldn’t be a slit.

The pattern reads “K10, CO 20 sts, K final 10 sts. Leave first 10 sts on needle to be knitted later. Turn work, k10 sts until strap is 5 inches long. BO.” The work is 40 sts across.


I suspect the CO in this case is cast-off. So you’d bind off those stitches.

Oh wow! It all becomes so clear now. Okay, as a newbie, I guess I should have figured that out, right? I just assumed CO was cast on.


Thanks for your help!


I read it as cast-on at first, too.:shrug:

Well, I just ran and cast off those 20 stitches and it looks exactly right. Waaay different from what I had last night! Seems to me it should have read BO instead of CO.

I might just get this done today after all! Thanks Ingrid.



There is a correction for the bib re: Mason Dixon pattern. It is BO 20 sts (rather than CO). That one and other corrections for a few other patterns in this particular book are listed on Mason Dixon web site –
Hopefully, this will get you to that spot.

I love that book!! I have been knitting the “Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono” pattern. It is a great pattern and turns out really well. You might like to try it sometime. It is fun to do!


I just replied, but need to add one more thing:
If you go to and look on the right side of the page, there is a book errata link where the corrections appear. Sorry, the link I sent to you didn’t work.

This one should get you there.



Thanks so much for that! I adore the baby kimono - I’m just afraid of it! :roflhard:

BUT, now that my bib is looking like it might actually happen, I might try it next.

I appreciate all your info!



I know you will love that kimono! I have made it with Sugar n Cream cotton (by Lily) – actually for twin baby boys. One was knit in lime green and one in a hot blue color with matching booties and hats. Also I have used a very nice mercerized cotton in a teal color. And … Caron acryllic – jumbo print which seemed a little thicker than the Caron TLC which is also nice. Ribbon is shown in the pattern, but I couldn’t resist using contrasting colors for buttons (sewn on really tightly). Anyway, my addiction to this pattern is probably evident!! Have fun with that book. I sure am enjoying it.


What’s Caron TLC? Red Heart has a line called TLC which is regular worsted weight.


Sorry, I meant Red Heart TLC Essentials – thanks for the correction!


I thought that’s what you mean, but wasn’t sure…

Okay, Nancy -

You have convinced me. I want to do a couple more bibs and I will take on the kimono. Be prepared for me to jump on with lots of questions!



GREAT! There are infinite colors, yarns and unlimited possibilities for us to try with that kimono!