New Knitter as of Thursday, 28, 2005

Good Morning All,

I am knitting a scarf. K1, P1 size 8 needles im using 2 colors each section is about 3 inches long i love the look! but one edge looks horrible! I dont know what to do. I could start over again, or i can fix it…but i think it is beyond fixing. I think i missed some stitches or my pulling through the loop i have messed up and it just looks like :XX: the yarn is everywhere Lol!!!

what do you all think?

For a nice scarf edge, try slipping the first stitch as if to purl every row, and knitting the last stitch every row.

Thank You so much!! so slip the first on over the kneedle and use a knit stitch always on the end…even if im doing a k1 p1.

right? i belive that is what you mean.

Yes, that’s all. If you’re starting over, you can make your pattern without including that sl st and the last k st in the pattern. Just make them extra. I did this on a scarf recently and it really does look nice.

Basically the end stitches are only knit every other row this way so it pulls them a little tighter and you avoid the looping on the end.