New knitter! any advice?

Hi everybody!
im paige viayra and i am in the process of learning to knit.
it seems so hard. i just got the hang of the long tail cast on.
what next? id like to make a nice throw blanket.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!:heart:

Hi and welcome knitting and to Knitting Help!
The videos on the knit stitch and the purl stitch are good ones to watch and basic stitches to master. It’s a good idea at first to just knit, try different combinations of the knit and purl stitches and different combinations of knit and purl rows. Just practice and enjoy it while you’re working toward developing an even tension. The videos at the top of the page on getting started are all excellant when you’re learning.

A blanket is a very large project, even if it’s for a baby. You can certainly start one, but you might get bored after a bit; then you can put it aside for a little bit and do something else too. In the meantime, CO about 20-30 stitches and work your way through the videos - knit several rows, then purl several rows (these will look the same because they make garter stitch) then alternate a purl row and a knit row for a couple inches, that makes stockinette stitch. Try some increases, then decreases or both on the same row. The tips page has some other videos for different stitches - ribbing and seed stitch. Just try out everything because it’s a learning ‘project’ and when you get tired of it, you can bind off the stitches and you’ll have a sampler to hang on the wall, a doll’s blanket or a short scarf. And you’ll know just about everything you need to for making a larger project.

Hi and Welcome :waving:

I think a blanket would be a big project too. When you get some basic stitches down, I would recommend something along the lines of a dishcloth, scarf, and/or shawl.

They are all easy fun, & useful as well.

Check out as well. They have a bunch of free patterns. I often look over the patterns there and get ideas for all kinds of projects.