New Knitter and Guage Impaired!

Hi! I am teaching myself to knit. I have knitted a baby blanket and washclothes. I am now working on socks and can’t even get started because I don’t understand the guage in this pattern book. The other books I have seen will tell you how many stitches to cast on and how many rows. This pattern just says 25 sts = 4 inches. Here is what I do not understand:
It says to divide all of the stitches evenly over the needles. 25 divided by 4 doesn’t add up, so I put on 28 stitches. Next I do not understand how many rows I am to put on in order to test the guage. Am I to knit until I get to 4 inches? Then how do I know if I need to adjust? How do I measure this since it is in the round?
Thanks a million for any help you can give me. I am quite sure that I am making this harder than it is, but for some reason cannot wrap my little brain around it! :slight_smile:

P.S. I am sooo impaired that I can’t even spell gauge right! UUUGGHH!:wink:

I don’t knit socks (yet), but I’d cast on the same as the sock itself calls for, then knit the main pattern of the sock for however many rows it takes to reach about 5 inches high. Then measure how many stitches you get per inch, and how many rows per inch. Compare it to the given gauge of 25 sts per four inches, or if you like, 12.5 sts per two inches, or 6.25 sts per inch. If you don’t get 25 sts per four inches on your swatch, change needles appropriately up or down in size until you get 25 sts per four inches. (Bigger needles give you less stitches, smaller needles give you more stitches.)

You don’t give the row gauge they’re asking for. It may be that you just knit until you hit the length you need.

Even if the sts won’t divide equally on 3 or 4 needles, you can have a different number of stitches on each needle. It would probably be just as easy to cast on for the sock itself, knit a couple inches then measure the gauge over 4".

HeeHee! I feel really stupid now! I didn’t think about the fact that I could cast on odd amounts and it still be ok. Sometimes I can be very slow! Thanks for the help. I will try it!

Hopefully I am not really challenged. But a gauge swatch can be knitted flat. You are trying to get the gauge the pattern calls for using the correct size needles. You don’t have to do it circular but just get the correct number of stitches using the pattern sts for the pattern over a four inch swatch. If you need help in understanding try going to the library and getting Ann Budd’s book:" Getting Started Knitting Socks". It gives you the basics for making socks with yarn in different sts per inch. By that I mean she has pattern for yarns with 8 sts/in, 7sts/in and so on. I used her 8sts per inch and adjusted her pattern to fit my son’s foot. She has instructions for double points and I used her book and Anjte Gillinghams’s book because I only knit on circular needles.

Yup, that’s what i was going to say …

But a gauge swatch can be knitted flat

For knitting in the round, it’s better to knit the swatch in the round too. Sometimes people purl looser or tighter than they knit and that can throw off their gauge if the swatch was knit flat, but the item is to be knit in the round. For socks or mitts, it’s just as easy to start the item, then rip out if necessary. For a sweater you can mimic circular knitting by making a giant I cord. CO about 10 sts more than you need for 4", knit the first row, then slide the sts back to the beginning of the needle, carrying the yarn loosely. Then work the 2nd row and slide the sts back.