New knitter afghan question

I’ve done a couple of scarves, and nearly completed the rectangle toddler poncho. I’d like to begin working on an afghan for a Christmas present (may take me that long :frog: ). I’ve not yet chosen a pattern, but I have concerns about how you manage to get enough stitches on a needle for the necessary width. :??

You’d use circular needle to accomodate the amount of stitches. Or you can choose a pattern that separates the afghan into panels.

For example, I’m making The Envelope Afghan right now. Each panel has 36 stitches. I’m going to work each panel to 54" long. Each panel is about 8.5" wide (I’m using US size 10.5 needles), so once the panels are put together, my afghan will be about 42.5"x54". The panels can of course be knitted in one piece by casting on 180 sts and just repeating the pattern across; you’d certainly need circulars for that route. The Envelope Afghan pattern is super easy and it’s only 36 sts, so mistakes aren’t so stressful. I once made an afghan that had 273 sts!! :shock: I was THOROUGHLY UPSET whenever I made mistakes on that afghan. In fact, many of those mistake were never fixed ;). (Yet that afghan is nevertheless proudly displayed on the end of my bed :D)

Hope that helps

Yes, that helps. Thanks so much! :smiley: