New knitted things

A Barbie vantage coat and hat, from 1963. It still looks good on a new Barbie. :inlove:

Tow new Kelly dresses.

They look great! I’ve made quite a few knitted sweaters for Barbies for little girls that I’ve known… (and sure do wish that someone that I knew when I was little had knitted me a Barbie coat or sweater!) :slight_smile:

Thank you. This Is for myself, I have no kids. I like to think like I’m one. :slight_smile:

Well, actually… the first time that I did colorwork… many, many years ago… I had knitted a little sweater w/ NOEL on the front… intending to use it as a ‘sweater ornament’ for my tree… (this was in 1986… way before ANYONE would have thought to do this type of ornament)

AND… when I finished it… I looked at it and thought… ‘humm, that looks like it would fit Barbie.’ So, I went to the closet to search for my old childhood Barbie… and it did fit her. She is still wearing the sweater today and has never taken it off… she’s ready for the holidays at a moment’s notice… with her black satin pants and knitted holiday sweater.:teehee:

That’s cool. Yeah, at last she wont be cold. XD

very cute!

They look so cute!!

Ahhh, how cute! Barbie is ready for Fall Fashion! :thumbsup:

Great job! They’re adorable!