New knitpics

HEY…NEW STUFF UP AT KNITPICKS!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Why do I have a feeling my checkbook is going to scream for mercy?

YES!!! They added new WOTA colors!

MMMmm! Love the Tulip and Violet and Hush! I wonder how Tan differs from Snickerdoodle???

And those CASHMERE blends!! :drool:

Ooh, how exciting! I have to go take a look.

wow has that Palette stuff always been there too? look at those colors too! if those aren’t new i am sad i have missed them!!

NO! There’s all KIND of new yarn!

Suri Dream

PLUS all the new WOTA colors!!

they have more color cards now too!! now we can see the color before ordering…veddy happy about that

Ok how many others could tell it was a new yarn by name alone (on my moms dial up so the name showed up before the photo or description)

:shifty: :waving:

I have dyed (lol, I have skeins to do…dye) and gone the NEW KP YARN :angelgrin: HEAVEN…it’s lovely; now, if only I had all of that yarn…hmmmmmmmmm…one of those new yarns is solid sock yarn!!! But, it’s being advertised for fair isle; of which it is great…but it’s sock wt!!! YIPPEE KIYAY!! My wish came true…new WOTA similar to the Merino Style…AND it’s all coming out at the same time that Kelley is tutoring me with sweaters…we timed that right :smiley: :smiley:
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m a happy, happy :XX: :XX: knitty girl :smiley: :smiley:
I’m off to knit :waving:

And, HOW CUTE will two little girls look in their tulip and violet Fiber Trends Clogs??? :cheering:

Hooooollllyyyyy cooooooowwwww…those are some beautiful yarns!!

My head is spinning!! What to knit?? I want it all!!! I’ma HUGE fan of alpaca, and there are so many new alpaca goodies!! ACK!! :doh: :happydance: :heart: :mrgreen:

Oh, yea! I’ve been waiting for the promised surprises Rebecca kept teasing us with, before placing my order. Here’s Knitpicks link , lest any newbie knows not of whom we cheer! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

I was not teasing (well…not for long :wink: ) …I was giving ya’ll a head’s up because normaly this wouldn’t be on the website until Monday; but from experience from my socks…I had a feeling they were coming out tonight…and I did tell ya’ll VERY COOL :sunglasses: and YUMMY yarn was headed our way…others will have to find out all on their on…happen upon to site or the catalog next week…we all know about it NOW… :thumbsup:
And, I’ve got to say…I :inlove: :heart: :inlove: it ALL!!!

Rebecca, are you THE Rebecca that knit those lovely socks on the KP site? (I have been MIA for quite a bit and have not even come close to catching up yet, so forgive my missing it if it was mentioned here before)

They are GORGEOUS!! Can’t wait to give them a try!! :happydance:

ETA: Just went and checked out the new stuff and boy, am I in TROUBLE! I see way too many things I must have!!

:blush: That’s me :blush: and …thank you very much :smiley:
There’s so much new stuff on the site that I can’t even look bc I have too much to do now & no place to keep my ‘yarn in waiting’ for the projects on hand that it’s… making my head spin :shock:
YARN YARN YARN EVERYWHERE… i want, I need, I want, I need need need that yarn…lol. I think that I’m going for grabbbing some ‘Pallette’ 1st to go with my other bazillion balls of yarn for socks and then I’m waiting for my book & Kelley for sweater tutorial to decide which yarn, exactly I’m getting for my test sweater…decisions, decisions, decisions…
Now…did I or did I not tell ya’ll that cool :inlove: stuff was coming :wink: ?!

[size=2]KellyK whispers to Rebecca[/size]
Did you HEAR that, Bec?? You are THEEEEE Rebecca, now!! :cheering:

Does anyone know whether or not the Andean Silk & Silk Twist would felt?

i think it would be close. i think it is suppose to have 85% animal fibers