New knitpicks yarns

:XX: Hey everybody! I was just over at the site and saw that they have several more new types of yarn!!! :happydance: :happydance: We all know that I :heart: :heart: my knitpicks yarn!
:balloons: thought ya’ll might want to know …and…
I’M LOVING :heart: :heart: the new emoticons… :hiding: :present: :sunny: :study: :zzz: :oo:
ththththat’s all folks :waving: :waving:

Whoo hooo! I’ll have to go look. Not that I need any more yarn!

This is the first time ever that KP yarns have not made me DROOL :frowning:

:thinking: I must confess…this time they didn’t exactly punch my buttons, either…but…I did run across a thread that showed the new sock yarns called dancing & sock memories & they were pretty…now I don’t know how I got the thread, but it was actually from their site…but the new sock yarns haven’t shown up on their site yet… :crying: it’s some type of paranoidal (is it even a word?!) :oo: :oo: yarn conspriracy…OH NO…I’VE LOST my mind…to those of u that were not yet aware… :roflhard:
goodbye :waving:
goodnite :zzz:

i am :heart: :heart: :heart: ing these new emoticons… :heart: 'em

NO! They ARE there! I just searched on “Dancing” and up it popped!!!

YAYYY! :cheering:

Nice colors there…not too keen on the Get Away colors, though…

’get away’?
I’m off to look

Hmmm… I’m not impresseed either. I’m knitting with Elegance rightnow and loving it. So lucious. THese summer cotton (what’s tencel?) stuff just looks kinda poofy or bulky or some word i’m not thinking of right now. BUt I got a whole bunch of elegane to knit with so I’m good.

tencel is a natural fiber made from wood pulp. I LOVE tencel! Modal is a cellulose thing…

Feministmama, what are you knitting with the Elegance? I have been wanting to buy some of that, but need project ideas…

Here’s a picture. I got the idea from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts (I checked it out of the library, it’s pretty expensive) Thye stranded Manos, Kid Silk Haze and something else. I used Barn Red, Redwood and Daisy of the Elegance from Knit Picks. (and those are my own homemade size 15 needles I made form dowells. I tried painting them but paint is sooooo wrond on needles. It’s all bumpy and the yarn catches on the paint. so they look kinda cruddy but they work and they were cheap!) It’s 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% silk. It is so soft an d lucious I want to eat it!! I also have a strand of Kid SIlk Haze (from ROwan I thnk) that a friend gave me. It’s about $14 a skein. Yikes. But I only had one and it’s sooooo thin and I had no idea what to do with htis and then I saw the pattern and voila. The scarf is kinda skinny though. I may ripp it out and do more stiches. I HIGHLY recommend using elegance. At las for a hat or scarf or something close to your body. It’s just so soft!!! :heart:

I tried to get some close ups by digital camera is kinda old and can’t get too fancy.

Oooooooooo!! That’s very pretty! Thanks for showing me the pictures and giving your testimony on the yarn!

Maybe I am weird, but I love almost all of the Knitpicks yarn. I was just stopping by the forum to let you all know there were new yarns out there, but Rebecca beat me to it. I was told by my hubby, no more yarn, so I will have to sneak it into my stash when it comes…hhmmmm…how will I do that? :thinking: I will have to think sneakily. :—

Have it delivered to you at work! Or to your neighbor’s house!
Kelly is rubbing hands together, happy to be a co-conspirator

WHY isn’t Alpaca Cloud available in white or cream? I SOOOOO NEED that for a project!! :wall:

silver…i think that u should write them & request the color, i did tht about a color i need in one of the newer yarns…won’t hurt to ask!!
have a knitty day